JSC “Tuymazytehuglerod”


JSC “Tuymazytehuglerod” it is one of the 8 enterprises in Russia producing carbon black for rubber production, founded in 1957. Carbon black grade P-803, used as a filler (up to 50% by volume) and amplifier in the manufacture of rubber based on synthetic rubbers, produced in accordance with GOST 7885-86 with changes 1,2,3 and TU 2166-001-00149570-99.


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In total for years of work of JSC Tuymazytekhuglerod, since 1958, made more than one and a half million tons of technical carbon. At the enterprise the considerable volume of works on capital and recovery repair and reconstruction of processing equipment is constantly carried out. In recent years, a new steam boiler house has been built, the first and second technological flows have been modernized, in order to improve the quality of products, magnetic traps and deep cleaning systems have been introduced.


Consumers of our production are more than 40 enterprises of the Russian Federation (producers of rubber and asbestos - technical products of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tambov, Tula, Volga, Krasnodar, Saransk, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Barnaul), Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Social policy

The social policy pursued by the management of JSC Tuimazytekhuglerod together with factory trade Union Committee is directed to ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions and stimulates the conscientious attitude of employees of the enterprise to the duties. Social guarantees of factory workers are fixed in the Collective agreement.

For Buyers

We produce in accordance with GOST or ASTM and sell the following grades of carbon black:

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Carbon black GOST

In accordance with the classification according to GOST 7885-86 installed 10 grades of carbon black. Depending on the method of production (furnace, channel, thermal, acetylene) brands assigned alphabetic indices "P", "K", "T", "A". Following the alphabetic numerical index characterizes the average size of the carbon black particles in tens of nanometers. The two digits in the index were chosen with the approval of the brand.

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Carbon black ASTM

The classification according to ASTM d 1765 is based on the ability of some brands of carbon black to change the rate of vulcanization of rubber compounds. Depending on this brands has alphabetic indexes "N" (normal speed curing) and "S" (slow curing rate, from the English. "slow" - slow). Next to the alphanumeric index is the number of the group of marks on the average specific surface.

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house 81 Chapaev Str, Tuymazy, Bashkortostan,
Russian Federation, post code 452754


Reception: 8-34782-51980
Sale: 8-34782-71946 (sbut@tztu.ru)
Accounting: 8-34782-51989 (ttu.buh@mail.ru)
Fax: 8-34782-78331


Tax ID: 0269007820.
OCEO: 00149570

Bank account details.

Account 40702840906390200014
BANK OF BENEFICIARY: Sberbank (Uralsky Office)
Ekaterinburg, Branch 8179,Tuymazy, Russia